Saturday, March 28, 2009

"I got hit by a car" Full Story:

Ok, so I need to share:

Yesterday I was walking from Littlefield to UFCU Disch-Falk Field for the baseball game v. Texas Tech. I was crossing the access road at Manor Rd (at the time of the it's-ok-to-cross sign, I might add), and noticed that one car with an Indian lady and three adorable children was not slowing down a whole lot. Then she appeared to be stopping, and what I confused with an acknowledgment of my presence turned out to be a rolling stop followed by an attempted right turn on red. So she slows, I take a step, she accelerates to complete her turn, I step to my left to avoid the impact, and her bumper hit my thigh. It knocked me off my feet and sent me flying a couple yards into the otherwise ghostly intersection. After scrambling to my feet after a moment of shock, I gave the lady my "Are you serious?!" face while she sat in her car, mouth agape, eyes bugging out, and hands on her head. She asked, "Oh my... You want me to take you to hospital?!" to which I calmly, yet slightly passive aggressively replied, "No, I'm late for a baseball game." As I glanced at the other members of her brigade, they seemed to have the same reaction as their chauffeur, and the car rolled on to complete the right turn.

The aftermath: No, I did not get any insurance information or license plate number because the injury seems to just be a bruised upper right thigh. No, "bruised" does not actually mean that it's showing. My leg looks completely normal... no battle wound or anything... freaking crap. Yes, I went to the game. I wasn't gonna let some stupid dumb driver prevent me from going to support my Longhorns. No, no serious injuries. Just a very tender leg that only hurts a little bit on the stairs.

It's actually kind of funny, now that I reminisce on the incident. It was more shocking at the time than anything else. Anywho, I thought I'd fill all of you guys in on my excitement of yesterday.

Opening Day in a week and a day!!

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Prodigal Rose said...

Thank God, you were safe! I had a self-inflicted motorcycle accident several years ago where I over braked on my front wheel and had to dump my 1200cc Honda Goldwing ... into the middle of a 4-lane highway in Central Florida.

Usually fruit-hauling semis ALWAYS were seen at that spot near a processing plant. No trucks after MY shock wore off ... "angels in the outfield" ... I think we all take God's protection for granted. I know I do -- way too often!

~ Jeff